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I have no enough time to plan for my wedding.I need to get marry before my belly become so obvious.I lived in san mateo Rizal so its just a minute away from our house.this Max's restaurant has a very beautiful garden setup which can accomodate up to 150 guest and it is perfect for weddings and birthdays.they also have this function room for smaller group of guest.I took their wedding package and I can say that everything that I need for my wedding is already included to their package. These are all the amenities that includes in the package: doves, for the
cake ceremony, wines, 2 layers of cake, souvenirs, photo Booth good for 2 hours, signature frame, host and emcee for the program, sound system and the free use of venue.actually there is a seperate fee for the garden but they gave it for free.also u need to order food from them and it includes nice and elegant table set up for the guest and also for the couple.there staffs are really friendly and if u have a lot of suggestions feel free to tell them just like what I did.because of them I had a beautiful wedding. With out no worries and doubt.the only thing that I did was to ordered invitations from recto.and it was really nice only40 per piece.I hope this write upcan help u if u are planning to have ur wedding at Max's San mateo.if I'm not mistaken this is one of the best garden of Max's restaurant all over the Philippines.beside from the assorted flowers and trees decorated at the garden it has wishing well and a also has its own comfort room no need to go inside the restaurant and lastly it has its own entrance that only your guest can enter.because it has different entrance from the restaurant itself.