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I really like how Dr. Dela Cruz and her team handled Marble, my cat. Marble was difficult at the clinic and really gave the doctor and her staff quite the time just drawing blood from him for tests, but Dr. Dela Cruz didn't give up. It took an hour just to get blood from Marble, who had very small veins and was very fussy, but doctora and her team showed no signs of giving up and I'm very, very thankful for that.

Other vets I went to in the area weren't too gentle or caring in handling cats I've taken to them in the past and I can't help but feel that it was because my cats weren't of any special breed. Marble was no different, being born of one of the cats I used to have, but Dr. Dela Cruz seemed to treat Marble just as she would any other patient. I highly recommend ESC Veterinary clinic. How they treated Marble really won them a loyal client.

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