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I have worked as Program Assistant for four years. What I have loved about KMBI is the Program itself... alleviating people from poverty. Yes we all do love to hear about that. I have received enumerable training which is not enough for someone to grow. I mean, you need to find ways for yourself how to deal the day to day situation. They offer good salary for entry levels and benefits as well. However, I have so many things myself just holding it not to mention. in some cases. There are things that dishonesty is overruling and keeping it off from the eyes of the public. Its an opposite view I noticed when you read all things about the company as Christ's centered but in fact sometimes they are drifted from what they should focus to do. Its not all about giving opportunity to poor people to grow and becoming financially intelligent or even providing them what they deserved upon joining the program rather making hard fist and purely business and targets and profits away from the its Mission-Vision statement they have drifted. This company will still grow unless no one will needing it. I suggest that they will innovate more and get new program designs for clients' development and livelihood relevant to this times. They also have to be discerned to other staffs performing well with their jobs. They even feel sensitive about the time involved and efforts of rank in file people who do jobs for themselves. Support team should not be biased to one person. It must be treated at an eye level and equal in general. Good Luck to the future aspirants!

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