Job vacancy Web Designer/Developer in Bacoor City

Avate IT Solutions & Services
Phase 4 Block 2 Lot 27, Heron St. Amaris Homes, Molino IV, Bacoor City
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Job Type
Temporary / Contract
Job Status
Part Time
4 Jul, 2018
Job Title

Web Designer/Developer

Job Location
Bacoor City
Job Presentation
A web designer/developer is responsible for the design, layout and coding of a website. They are involved with the technical and graphical aspects of a website - how the site works and how it looks. They can also be involved with the maintenance and update of an existing site.
  • A web designer/developer should:
  • have skills in software programming and graphics
  • have creativity and imagination
  • be adaptable and able to pick up new techniques
  • have good interpersonal and communication skills
  • keep up to date with advances in computer technology and how this affects the business environment
  • Write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet business requirements
  • test the website and identify any technical problems
  • upload the site onto a server and register it with different search engines.
  • Part-time
  • Work at home

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