ENTRAP PEST CONTROL SERVICES is driven by fully licensed exterminators and fumigators by Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) and have worked in some of the most prestigious pest control companies here and abroad for over 32 years.
These qualifications together with our experiences in the commercial and domestic pest and termite control industry have given us the confidence and expertise to offer clients a full professional services no matter what the requirements are and in a multitude of different scenarios nationwide.
We specialize in Integrated Sanitation and Pest Management Program. This program includes Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Intensive Cleaning of Kitchen and Restroom areas. We also offer Pest Proofing Services, Pre and Post Construction Termite Control, & Specialized Cleaning Services for houses, floors and carpets.
These program packages are designed to eliminate pest problems in an environment-sensitive way, using the best and latest technologies, the most effective methods, and the safest products by our highly equipped, trained and experienced service team.
Training and Consultancy Programs are also offered to establishments with in-house pest control program.
ENTRAP PEST CONTROL SERVICES aims to be the best pest management company you will trust for a longest time.

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