Review of Tanay Technologies

Review of Tanay Technologies

The system is not stable. It has lots of bugs everywhere. You can't be confident that the system will do it's job properly. The database of this system is not secure. There is the possibility of database alterations. It crashes every now and then. It doesn't have the basic help support. You will have to do trial and error on all the button/links inside the system because there is no manual available. The system's gui is confusing due to the lack of 'guide'. The customer's support is incredibly upsetting. They can't be reached when you got questions and problems. The developer doesn't respect their customers.

I've been using this POS unfortunately for many months now and honestly, it wasn't much of a help to my business. I can't rely on this system with full confidence. I had to make double checks on all the transactions it does. It's more of a hassle than a help. The only reason I'm using it as of now is because I can't find a replacement of this yet. The price of this system is cheaper but then again, it's still a waste of my money cause I wasn't able to use the system effectively. My trust on this system and it's developer is so low that i don't believe everything his website advertises.

As a precaution for those interested buyers, try the system first. See if it fits your needs. Don't be fooled by it's cheap price or you may end up like what I experienced.

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