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I headed today to Meralco South Sales in Unit 2A Paseo 1, Barangay San Jose, Sta.Rosa, Laguna to pay my bill this morning. What I witnessed is a long queue of customers paying for their individual Meralco monthly billings. Upon asking the Meralco employee in the entrance door, he said that the main reason is there are some customers who are paying billings for numerous accounts that they have with them. It is really fortunate that our kabayans are not habitual complainers and bear with their patience while queueing for a couple of minutes. May I suggest that Meralco management come up with a resolution in order to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to the customers. If I can suggest, probably management should provide a fixed schedule (designated days in a week) for those customers paying multiple billings that they brought with them and assign another Meralco counter guy reliever who can accept multiple billings. With this arrangement, the normal customers who are paying for their individual billings will not be unnecessarily inconvenienced by waiting in a long queue. I know that the guy manning the sole counter which accepts billing payments is working excellently but somehow, in one way or another, his performance mood might be affected by people lining in a long queue in front of his counter.

Hope my suggestion will elicit prompt reaction from management in order to improve customer service engagement.


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