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Wild Bonsai
McArthur Highway, Barangay Parsolingan, Gerona, Tarlac City, Tarlac, Philippines
(0917) 514-4173
(0939) 533-1777
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(0917) 3370008
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Philippine Bantigue (Pemphis acidula) is a plant species found in tropical and sub tropical countries like Philippines. In some region of the world they are often referred to as shrubs; nevertheless in our country they are considered trees. They grow as tall as ordinary mango tree. They are hard and strong that can withstand / tolerate the hertile/ inclement focus of nature. They can grow fast and develop new roots quickly. Their physical features especially the hard rugged and coarse trunks are brought about by strong winds and tower-like waves that rush to the reefs where the Pemphis grow. With the advent of summer, the change of weather promotes the growth of the trees; hence they become good bonsai materials. This is the most opportune time for hunters to get them from their natural habitat. But shelled/ expert hunters prefer to climb the steep sided of the cliff, they can choose from the century-old Bantigue trees the best bonsai material that both live and dead branches.
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Lyra June Sarker
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