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They are all bunch of liars! Yung kotse na binili ko sa kanila is not listed as 2011 model but 2010! Lahat ng documents is fake! OR, CR, deed of Sale are fake! I found out that this was fake after 2 years when i decided to payoff my car and finally got the original documents from the bank i financed and verified to LTO. All these documents they gave me is fake! You guys will pay and i'm assuring you that your modus will be stopped asap! I tried to communicate with you and pumunta pako sa inyo para pagintayin ako ng 6 hours with nothing???! Thats highly unprofessional!!! Magbabayad kayo sa pamimirwisyo nyo sakin! Bwisit kayo!!! I want you guys to give me back my money and the depreciated value of my car!
This serves as a WARNING! BEWARE people! Make sure and verify all the necessary documents before purchasing with these people!