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Swertres Lotto Results

Swertres Lotto draws every day, tree times a day at 11:00AM, 4:00PM, 9:00PM. Here are the latest Swertres Lotto results for PCSO Lotto:

Dec 13, 2018
Winning Numbers

Jackpot 4,500   -   Winners 459

Dec 13, 2018
Winning Numbers

Jackpot 4,500   -   Winners 271

Dec 13, 2018
Winning Numbers

Jackpot 4,500   -   Winners 565

Swertres Lotto Result History

List of last 30 draws for Swertres Lotto game including winning numbers, jackpots and winners:

Draw DateLotto GameWinning NumbersJackpotWinners
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM3-8-44,500271
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM3-1-84,500565
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM4-3-24,500459
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM9-1-74,500404
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM3-2-14,500813
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM7-3-34,500533
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM7-6-44,500181
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM5-6-34,500200
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM2-8-64,500241
10 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM4-0-04,500126
10 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM1-3-04,500633
10 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM2-5-44,500415
09 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM7-6-34,500311
09 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM1-6-74,500253
09 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM7-2-34,500275
08 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM7-6-34,500503
08 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM6-1-64,500393
08 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM6-8-04,500207
07 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM9-4-94,50093
07 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM0-6-34,500157
07 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM1-8-44,500266
06 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM9-4-94,500123
06 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM1-5-24,500393
06 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM4-6-84,500442
05 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM0-2-04,500465
05 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM0-5-44,500155
05 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM5-0-14,500468
04 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM8-2-74,500303
04 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM5-2-04,500548
04 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM0-3-94,500177

Swertres Lotto Hot & Cold Numbers

You probably noticed that some numbers just seem to appear in every other draw! These frequently drawn numbers are known as hot numbers and they are used by many experienced lottery players due to their likelihood to be drawn.

Check out the list of the most, and the least, frequently drawn numbers in Swertres Lotto!

Hot Numbers

Hot numbers which are drawn the most times in the past 200 Swertres Lotto draws:

Cold Numbers

Cold numbers which are drawn the least times in the past 200 Swertres Lotto draws:

Full Report of Hot & Cold Numbers

Swertres Lotto Past Numbers Search

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How to Play Swertres Lotto?

Select one number (from 0 to 9) from each column for a total of three digits, or mark the Lucky Pick (LP) box and let the terminal randomly pick your number.

You may also want to play the Rambolito. Select a 3-digit number combination and the system will automatically permutate and generate all its possible combinations. If the selected 3-digit combination has no repeating digits, e.g.123, the number of combinations generated will be six (6). If the selected 3-digit combination has two (2) repeating digits, e.g. 122, the number of combinations generated will be three (3). Lucky Pick is also available in the Rambolito System Play, but the option of repeating digits is not applicable.

Matching all your numbers with the winning combination in exact order gives you PHP 4,500.00 for every PHP 12.00 play. If you have picked the correct 3-number and have chosen the Rambolito game, you win:

Rambolito selectionCombinationPrizes (PHP)
3 different digits6750
1 pair of the same digit and 2 different digits31,500

Results of the Suertres Lotto draws are broadcasted over PTV4 at 11:00AM, 4:00PM and 9:00PM.

Where to Claim Your Prize(s)

PrizeValidate and claim
* PHP 10,001.00 and up excluding the Jackpot PrizePCSO Branch Offices in your area or at the PCSO Head Office, Conservatory Building, 605 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 1552
PHP 20.00 up to PHP 10,000Any authorized Lotto outlet or at the PCSO Branch Offices in your area

* Prizes above PhP10,000.00 are subject to 20% tax pursuant to TRAIN Law.

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