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PCSO Lotto Past Winning Numbers

Draw DateLotto GameWinning NumbersJackpotWinners
13 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 9PM02-284,000474
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM3-8-44,500271
13 Dec, 2018Lotto 6/4238-11-36-08-14-1911,131,3350
13 Dec, 20186Digit Lotto2-3-3-9-1-73,220,788.060
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM4-3-24,500459
13 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 11AM04-214,000267
13 Dec, 2018Superlotto 6/4931-42-22-39-33-3625,984,4431
13 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM3-1-84,500565
13 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 4PM26-094,00064
12 Dec, 20184Digit Lotto4-5-6-548,85516
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM7-3-34,500533
12 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 11AM28-104,000143
12 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 4PM15-184,000166
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM3-2-14,500813
12 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 9PM15-164,000335
12 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM9-1-74,500404
12 Dec, 2018Megalotto 6/4537-15-40-04-23-3110,047,0830
12 Dec, 2018Grand Lotto 6/5526-52-49-43-16-45142,040,0840
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 9PM2-8-64,500241
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM5-6-34,500200
11 Dec, 2018Lotto 6/4227-02-22-13-03-098,862,3810
11 Dec, 2018Superlotto 6/4915-34-43-07-47-2723,122,1000
11 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM7-6-44,500181
11 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 9PM09-234,000646
11 Dec, 20186Digit Lotto0-7-1-3-1-63,170,788.060
11 Dec, 2018Ultra Lotto 6/5817-13-38-04-24-3949,500,0000
11 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 11AM04-224,000234
11 Dec, 2018EZ2 Lotto 4PM01-194,000170
10 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 4PM1-3-04,500633
10 Dec, 2018Swertres Lotto 11AM4-0-04,500126

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