Leveluk SD501 - the miracle medical device

Leveluk SD501 - the miracle medical device
About the product
This is our flagship and top of the line medical device which is 100% made in Japan.
It has 7 titanium electrode plates coated with platinum through dipping process.
It's the only medical equipment that is endorsed by the Japanese association for prevention of geriatric diseases and by the American Anti-Cancer Institute. Check out their websites below.

Can produce water with the following properties:
1. ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of -800mv (high anti-oxidant)
2. drinking water with 8.5, 9.0 or 9.5 pH (high alkalinity)
3. micro-clustered (powerful hydration)

Has additional features that can produce the following:
1. Strong Kangen water w/11.5 pH - a strong degreaser for oil based pesticides
2. Strong acidic water w/2.5 pH - for antiseptic, astringent, anti-baterial use

Has a minimum of 20 years lifespan with proper care and maintenance.

5 years full warranty.
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