Product orientation & maintenance service

Product orientation & maintenance service
About the product
Having the best medical device at home is not the answer to good health if you can not use it. Much worse if you don't check and perform a regular maintenance to it. Just like owning the best & luxurious car, without regular maintenance and oil change, the car will eventually breakdown.

In this case, it's not the fault of the company or the product but it's the fault of the distributor to whom the machine was bought from. It's the responsibility of the distributors to educate their clients, with patience, not only of the benefits but also on how to maintain and use it. Sad to say, there are cases where the clients are left on their own to explore.

Worry no more...

As a satisfied owner of SD501, we want to thank Enagic by offering our services to those Leveluk owner's who are dissatisfied. We can educate them on:
1. what their machine can and can not do
2. how to do a regular maintenance and major eCleaning
3. perform a system performance check and cleaning
4. the other benefits of the water

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