Professional Evaluation Center

About the product

The examinations conducted purport to measure one’s level of intellectual capacity, aptitudes, and emotional stability, and personality traits. Once cleared of mental, emotional and psychological disability, the test results are then correlated with the positions the examinees are occupying/applying for to make sure that they are fit for the job, thus avoiding irreparable damage to everyone concerned.

For the different categories, our testing rates are:

Type of Test Price per person

• Drug Screening (Meth/ THC) 300.00
• Confirmatory(Per Parameter) 1000.00

Neuro Psychiatric Test

• Driver/Factory Worker/ Janitor/Messenger/ Housekeeping staff 400.00
• Cashier/Clerk/Seaman 400.00
• Security Guards 400.00
• Security Officers 500.00
• PNP Validation 100.00
• Supervisory/Managerial Position/ Teacher/VIP Escort 750.00

The service that we provide is of high quality, being manned by medically experienced Practitioners and Specialists, assisted by well-trained staffs and personnel, ensuring efficiency and proficiency that all examinations and results are performed, interpreted and accomplished according to the standards of the Department of Health and Philippine National Police and Department of Labor and Employment.

Rest assured that the evaluation of your employees/applicants will be done with utmost objectivity and confidentiality. Our qualified personnel will be more than glad to conduct examinations to your people from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Fridays or your chosen venue.
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