Window Film, Security Film and Sticker Film Installation

About the product
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I would like to introduce my company JA Window tint and We specialize in installation of scratch proof and protection film solution
for automotive, commercial, residential, condo, office unit, hospital, building and any type of flat glass window panels.
Whether our clients are looking to improve the safety, security, privacy, glare/heat reduction and design, we are confident in our experience to deliver exceptional service.

Our installers have years of experience in applying window film/sticker film for glass panels and is able to offer top quality installations at competitive rates. We take ownership in the satisfaction of our clients and which is our first priority. We are confident in our ability not only in installing branded products but to fulfill our customer’s needs and we apply warranty for every job installation done.

Window tinting pays for itself
One of the main reasons people tint their windows is the drastic savings in energy. If your home and car are kept cool by the reduction in solar heat, you won’t need to run your air conditioner as often. On a hot summer day, this can be a major boom for your wallet.

Complete protection from a simple film
Our films provide many types of protection. Protection from radiation, reduction in fading for upholstery and wood floors, and even protection from storms and burglars.

With one of our films in place, your windows have an extra layer of protection, making it more difficult for debris or intruders to enter your home.
Privacy and protection installed in minutes.

Automotive Tinting - Improves the look of your vehicle and stay comfortable in the hot sun

Commercial and Residential - Protect your home from intruders and save on your energy bills

Paint Protection - Protect your vehicles paint from stones, sand, and other abrasion.

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