Patient Management System Free

Patient Management System Free
About the product
Patient Record
Save, keep, and search information easily. It also helps you avoid saving duplicate records. Add more data such as medical history, examination history, treatment history, and more.

Track your products and profit with the help of this feature. View the transactions and performance of your sales in your clinic.

Keep track of all your products with our Inventory. Trace every item going in and out of your clinic. Organize your products without struggling.

Buy products without effort. Our Ecommerce helps your customers choose, buy, and pay online. Your customers can enjoy your products without spending a lot of time and energy.

Online Payment
Give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience. With our Online Payment, your customers do not need to go out to shop and buy. They can do it at home.

Purchase Order
Note all the details of your order using our Purchase Order. No more worries on wrong products, quantity, etc. Order what you exactly need.

Inquiry and Appointment System
Manage your schedule using our Inquiry and Appointment System. Use the system or our app to set or cancel appointments as a doctor or patient.

Data Analytics
Know the ratio of your customers with the help of our Data Analytics. This feature helps you analyze your customers’ information. This is a good support to strategize your marketing.

SMS and Email Marketing
After analyzing all the information, you can blast SMS and emails to your target market. This feature suits best with Data Analytics.
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