SEO Consulting Service

About the product
We understand that there are times you have your own SEO team and all you need is guidance on how you should structure your on-site optimization, or how to execute your off-site optimization efforts. You don’t want to spend more money than necessary hiring an SEO company full-time. This is the right package for you.

Rubicon SEO and Web Development is offering consultation services.

We provide consultations for:

Site analysis and evaluation

SEO campaign plan

Internet marketing plan

Business to website relevance evaluation

On site optimization

Off site optimization

Search engine guidelines

The best pancakes and lots of other stuff…

Guidelines are as follows:

Prepare your questions before each and every consultation

Consultation services are charged as per hour

Consultation services are pre-paid (at least a day before)

Appointments should be made at least a week before target consultation date

Rubicon SEO and Web Development reserves the right to refuse in answering a question

Agreed-upon number of consultation hours are to be strictly followed
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