Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Management
About the product
If you like to squeeze every last drop out of your data connection, you will inevitably run into issues with data congestion (or ‘bottlenecking’) on your network. Everything from uploading a project update to your client to an employee watching YouTube videos, downloading movies during a lunch break can put stress on your network. If your network is overworked, your performance will suffer.

Common symptoms of an over-utilised connection:

- Slow internet speeds
- Pages only partially loading before needing to be refreshed or even timing out entirely
- Decreased quality of calls on any VoIP, SIP or EPBX service that shares the connection

Common causes of congestion:

- Large downloads or uploads, such as computer updates, system backups, or sending large files across the
- Employee or guests overusing the connection for personal use (which can also lead to excess data charges)
which can cause large amounts of usage as they back up files to off-site servers.
- Not enough available bandwidth due to new employees been hired, more resource-intensive software, or large
projects that can impact the amount of bandwidth a business uses during day-to-day operations.

We offer Service maintenance levels:

COAX-e IT gives unique offer to service level maintenance including our managed bandwidth router to your company.We offer Managed routers that let us take the job of optimizing your network traffic off your hands. For a affordable monthly fee, we’ll ensure that your router always dedicates enough bandwidth to keeping your Internet,VoIP services crystal clear and your important applications running smoothly, along with many other benefits.

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