Private & Company Training, Seminars & Workshops

Private & Company Training, Seminars & Workshops
About the product
Having an extensive training in Psychology and a Chartered Business Administrator, with demonstrated history of optimizing employee efficiency and management efficacy with expertise of advancing specialized technical solutions on the companies' competing needs, DFS extends its services to providing significant instructor-led training & seminars to corporations, schools and other institutions.

Corporate Training & Seminars offered by DFS Consulting is being evaluated to be more comprehensible, as learners are not just bombarded with textbooks concepts, but instead they are guided by proven psychological methods and techniques, leading them to potential long-term improvements.

Topics Offered:
1. Managing Mental Health in Your Workplace
2. Stress Management at Work & Life
3. How to Give Psychological First Aid
4. Acquiring Skills in Depression Management
5. Personal Development and Enrichment
6. Psychology of Self-Motivation
7. Psychology of Self-Confidence
8. Mindfulness & Demystifying Hypnosis
9. Psychology of Selling
10. Psychology of People Management
11. Psychology of Leadership
12. Psychology of Marketing
13. Im a MOM: What's Your Super Power?
14. More..
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