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One of the worst employers I've ever been. Everyday was hellish. I have had former co-employees who after two or three days of reporting, didnt go back to the office--in short nag-AWOL sila. Why? It's because when you resign, they will blackmail you. The management doesnt care for the employees and doesnt treat them fairly in terms of compensation, benefits, leaves and vacations, etc. Delayed salary and suspicious computations of tax and government mandated fees (Philhealth, HDMF, SSS). Doesnt not also promote growth and equality to the employees. My advice, without any second thought, do not consider this company. I believe the company is already going downhill.
Dear Anonymous, we are very sorry about your experience. Have you sent your feedback to the management of the company before you leave? In our experience with employees, the reason for AWOL is usually that they cannot perform the job they have applied for. As for your concerns of salary and benefits, we pay our employees on time plus additional benefits aside from SSS, Philhealth, HDMF. We are very happy with our employees that are with us right now, they are all very efficient, responsible, and very committed. Our employees have the decency and values in full support of our mission to deliver quality service to our customers. Our company is now on its 23rd year, and with our solid team and God's grace, we will make it for another 23 years and more. We thank you just the same for your review.

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