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You may have come here to find out if it's worth taking the effort, time, and money to apply at this company. Rest assured I am not a disgruntled former employee. I am giving this advice to you as a brother or a friend who doesn't want to see you regret wasting time, effort and money. Let me advice you to be careful with all the positive reviews that you see online as all companies have marketing departments who can anonymously post positive feedback just to get you to apply. Here's my free advice to you. If you are a person who has excellent command in English and had worked for big BPO companies before, don't ever apply here. You are just devaluating yourself. This company doesn't pay a lot. Some of their clients are small companies, some even scam their customers to keep their business running. Next, their clients are clients of the real company so expect that you will not be working with Americans but Fililpino national directors who may have huge egos, who may judge you as if they are the Gods of English and that they know all there is too know about proper communication and proper customer service. And, when these Filipino directors send heads up to 611 for your performance expect an immediate warning from 611. Lastly, most of their supervisors haven't done the job themselves, and they don't have the power to defend your performance. Performance warnings don't regress as well. Overall, this company is a company that tries hard to appear like a call center but isn't at all. They are totally not like Teleperformance, Convergys, Accenture, Sutherland etc.

They terminated me with the mistake that I didn't commit.
I've been working here for about 3 years now because I really like the people around us and their employees are very well trained enough to accommodate customers.