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Fantasting Service!!
I would definitely recommend RainTree Care to families out there who need a nursing home for their grandparents or parents. I placed my 90-year-old father under their care when my own work and family just got too much for me to juggle. It wasn’t an easy decision and I’m extremely grateful for the assurance and quality of service that they gave me and my father. We moved to the Philippines 20 years ago and we love it here, chaos and natural beauty and all. RainTree Care has been a huge help during this time for our family. I couldn’t have chosen a better nursing home in the country.
Professional and welcoming
I highly recommend RainTree Care Services and Senior Residences to others like me who have been struggling to look for a Manila nursing home. I love my mother, I really do, but I simply do not have the time to take care of her 24/7 especially since she has been recently diagnosed with Dementia. So, with a heavy but hopeful heart, my husband and I set out to look for a facility that could take care of her every need. Through a lot of research on the Internet, we found RainTree Care and we were satisfied to know that they are properly certified as well as equipped. My mother has been there for a few months now and she seems to be very comfortable there which is a great relief for all of us. I can’t thank them enough!
How much po ang rate monthly?
Filipinos are greatly collectivistic in nature, giving much importance to relationships, most especially with the elderly and family members. They try their very best to live together and find a way to survive as a group, regardless of any circumstances that may arise. However, unfortunate situations where their loved ones, specifically their seniors, have special needs that medical professionals have to attend to and monitor on a regular basis. Thus, some people choose to entrust their elderly to a Manila nursing home, to ensure that their loved ones are receiving the best care there is.
I heard about RainTree from a friend whose father is currently in the facility. It has been a year since his dad with Alzheimer’s disease was entered there, and everything has been great for them. So, when we needed a nursing facility for our aunt who is in need of long term care, I went to them to ask questions. I knew immediately that this was the facility my aunt needs. So far, everything’s going well as expected. I am really happy my friend recommended them.
I was looking for the best nursing home there is for my aunts and uncles here in the Metro and I stumbled upon RainTree Care Services & Senior Residences. I wasn’t supposed to reserve slots for my loved ones right away but good Lord! I was blow away with how amazing this senior care facility and residence is! They have a fully furnished house, as well as the best medical experts to take care of our loved ones. Their rate is definitely worth it because I could really see that it will go a long way and my relatives will receive excellent care. Kudos!
My late father who had dementia spent about six months in the facility before he said his goodbye. RainTree Care Services & Senior Residences was recommended by a relative. It was quite difficult for me, his only son, to have not personally provided the care he needed but I was always traveling here and abroad because of my work. We knew it was best for him to stay there since we were sure that he would receive the best care possible; and he did. He was always happy when we visited him. There was always that glow in him that was quite missing in the past years. So, I am happy for the services that RainTree Care has provided my dad. I highly recommend them.