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I just back home (USA) Aug 22, 2014. Had fresh dental work (fixed bridge), thank you Dr. Max Lim. I went to PI to visit my family for just 2weeks. Got my appointment which Dr. accommodate my early appointment at 8AM as I need to catch my flight going to Bicol at 12noon. After 4days came back Manila for bridge fitting, then before I left PI Aug 21, my final check up for my bridge as well as for all papers for my Dental Insurance claims that Dr. Lim prepared. He did a great job, very reasonable compared to the other Dentist in PI. Very friendly, he as well tell you if it is really in need of reconstruction of your teeth. He is not like other Dentist that will do works just for money, that is why I will give Dr. Lim 5stars, for the job well done and for being nice and make the patient comfortably during dental works. I highly recommend you Dr. Lim. I will absolutely see you again. God bless, Mabuhay!
Hi Fran,
Thank you so much for your kind words and being very appreciative of my care and my services that I have provided during your vacation here in the Philippines. I am so happy to hear from you. I promise to do even better services for you and your family as well, next time you comeby. Thank you so much again and more power to you.
Dr. Maximo Lim

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