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Cancelled Unit
I purchased a unit in one of their towers in Tagaytay, The Splendido II. Due to unforseen situation I wasn’ t able to continue the payment. I was paying the unit for 2years and yes I am entitled to refund atleast 50% of what I paid for. The agony starts when they let me wait for someone to respond to all my queries. I started to claim for a refund month of February, 2020. I am working overseas and all of my payments were logged in their Dubai office. Now, the claim was issued, I just don’t understand why Manila and Dubai payments are not tallied or snyching? They are using one system i supposed? How come such a big company have an disorganize system and employees too? They kept me waiting, waiting and waiting. Understood that im unlucky as pandemic also add to this waiting which is I totally understand. Now, they are back at work. March 10th was their last reply and only 27th of May I got an answer on my claims. To cut the story short, still the payments are not in sync, and keeps on bouncing back to Manila and Dubai. Seriously? and now when I am writing this, i still don’t have a clarity on the total payments as if it keeps on changing. I sent all my receipts for those not available in the ledger. I am so disappointed. Before when they were selling, they were so good and available like 24/7. Now, you need to chase for an answer. It will really test your patience to wait.
I can say that there is no perfect company, but atleast remain their integrity and show some compassion.
Never heard of 12%marketing fee in the terms and conditions, but still they will deduct this when you cancelled your unit. I hope that if you are reading this and plan to buy. Think twice!

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