Review of Greenvalley Computer Solutions Inc.

FYI for everyone who will read this message. I went to this shop in Greenvalley in corner E Chavez and General maxilom ave for laptop check up to swap my RAM and or Wifi. The tech opened up the first laptop and told me "oh its good that the memory is just here outside and not built in inside the hardware" while pointing at the small piece of thing he just taken out from the back of the laptop and said further "but there's another same thing inside". He explains as well, that laptops normally has two memory, one is primarily for backup.

He then opened up the 2nd laptop but stressed out to me after examining it that we can't swap them for compatibility reasons. Well, listening from the expert, I said, no problem and ready to go away. When he's about to close the back of the laptops, I noticed that he did not put back on the small piece of thing (ram if that is what it's called) on the first one and just closed it with an empty inside it. I am pretty sure that he to took something out from that part of the back of the laptop.

I asked him "where is that piece you took earlier" but he replied there's none in there, he just opened it. The one he showed something was theirs which he offered me to pay for 5oo pesos. I then went home as I was so tired from night shift. Then, later when I used that lapto, its no longer working as it used to be. Its terribly slow. I then recollect the events inside the shop, and remember that he opened his drawer at his back and hide something in there then proceed to the inside office of the shop then bring some piece of hardwares same sizes of the one he took out from the back of one my laptops.

I know my laptop has a missing part as it's acting very slow. It never been that slow ever.

For that technician, all I can say is "Karma is a Bitch" remember I told you that on the phone. I hope the owner will catch you on the camera if there's one being installed but if you are the owner of the shop, then let your conscience bother you for the rest of your life. I know that is just a small thing but "Is it worth stealing something from someone?" You know the answer.

Guys, Again the shop is called GREENVALLey. BE careful!

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