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Rude service crew - General Maxilom Ave branch Cebu City
I'd like to complain about your service crew in General Maxilom Avenue branch. It happened around 1-2 pm today May 18, 2021, I forgot to get the name of the cashier. I ordered Extra long chicken jr. with rice and a whooper junior. But she gave me Extra long chicken jr. Instead of whooper junior. She didn't gave the receipt after she punched my order and she didn't repeat my order. I was so hungry so I did not argue with her anymore. I was a service crew before so I know how it works. If my customer is confused, I will educate her and do my best to get her order correctly. She was wearing a white t-shirt at that time.
Kindly check on your store located at 7th St. and 30th St. (near at Luke’s Medical at the BGC.
Flies are everywhere, on tables, on drinking cups.

Considering during this pandemic only few people can dine in and when we dined, we two were the only customers at the store because mostly are grab deliveries and take out yet the tables are swarmed with flies.
We ate in this store and decided never again because everytime we drop by we observe poor cleanliness standard.
The washroom was so dirty too.

So sad because we love to eat burger king and there are only few stores and are far apart in bgc but i think we just have to go elsewhere.
Thank you.

Rude crew in burger king calamba
I would like to stress out my frustration when I ordered through drive-thru in burger king calamba branch which happened last Dec 1 at around 0420pm.
I have been a loyal customer or burger king even when I was abroad. The competition abroad especially in the US is high, but having good condiments is a big factor. I would rather have your ketchup in thd burger I ordered instead of a ranch sauce all over it.
I have been ordering in bk calamba drive thru for almost 9 years since i reside close. I never encountered any problems but just recently. I usually order a wopper meal.
Last Tuesday I ordered 4 wopper meals, two senior and 2 juniors. When I was given the order, i asked for 10 extra ketchups, 3 used in each of the senior wopper and 2 each for the junior. Crew TAYPA (thats when she said her name was) said that she could not give that much ketchup (like I said I never had problems before in asking condiments because the usage in the ordered burgers is a must). I said that if I need to pay for it since I would not appreciate the burger without the ketchup on it. She asked her manager which conceded, but whe she gave it to me, her sarcastic parting words was "onse na yan!" So i asked if she was mad, of course she said she wasn't. That was the first time i was deprived of condiments which satisfies every customer.
If bk wants to keep log term customers, the crew should be briefed with customer service.
I would like to receive a feedback please if my complain was handled than to further escalate this to the main branch. Thank you and good day.
Rude Crews and unsafe drive thru
Went to BK last Sept 23, 2020 located at L.Sumulong cor sto Nino St. San Jose Antipolo Rizal. Was surprised to find out there were so many children begging and selling "suman" at the cashier drive thru. Was very disappointed and was worried that someone might take away my payment and off course we cannot run after anybody coz it was raining hard. Saang drive thru ka nakakita na ang daming namamalimos at nagtitinda ng kung ano ano. I asked the cashier why they are not doing something about it. Parang walang narinig, so i asked again why they cant manage the kids and make us customers feel secure. Wala lang kasi daw ayaw umalis. I drive thru where we can get our orders and asked the store manager to do something about it. wala daw silang magawa. Ano ba yan, why not let their security guards help the drive thru manager to make us customers feel safe? If you cant provide security to customers mag sara na kayo. You're the only drive thru who cant do something for your customers. Bakit sa jollibee and mcdo they can manage their drive thru's. hazard pati may mga bata sa drive thru pag nasagasaan sino mananagot, kaming customers or si BK. Check your cctv, last 23/09/2020 at 4:40PM OR#005-******** Host: Grace. Walang kwenta itong BK branch na ito.
Please pay attention to our rants about your crew's attitude. Its quite alarming. One of your crew in SM BICUTAN branch is so disrespectful and rude. Its quarter to 7 in the evening, I ask her (to bad I dont know her name is) if I can still order some of your menus but she never look and answer me. I repeat asking the same question TWICE, but still no answer, in short, "PATAY MALISYA" instead, she call other crew and they talk disregarding me. Thats how BASTOS your crews! She is lucky that I might not get her name and take a photo because of my disappointment, I immediately went out.
Rude Manager
I ordered regularly in Antipolo Circumferential and I'm so disappointed to the manager named lyn? I guess? I advised na don't tolerate that kind of attitude especially to your crew.
Beyond Belief ! ????????????
I spent over an hour writing you a review of my experiences with Burger King Cor Orchard Sts. Davao City 8000 Just last month was when i finally took pictures of food i received through your Drive Through Window on Several Ocassions - just unbelievable. I wont go into further details here or provide pivtures here on a public form Thank you Andre
# 3760
Please call me on my land line 322-6389. That i can give you full details ! I've written several times but unable to send my full experience to you ! I'm not Computer or Cell Phone experienced and difficult for me to do -- Only the basics -- thank you Andre
Menu is not available in the store but shows in food panda app so unfair
My order bacon 4 cheese whopper is not available in the store but is showing in the food panda app. So when i ordered it you charged me for bacon 4 cheese whopper and they just gave me without bacon. Its so unfair because this is extra charge and yet I didnt received my actual order.the crew didnt even offered something to replace for the bacon. Its just so inefficient
Bastos na cashier
The Burger King branch on Marilique Hi Way, Antipolo has employed a very rude cashier. Her name is Arianne. I hope I got the spelling of the name right. But I know that you know who I am referring to. My family and I were there yesterday. The other cashier eas already taking care of us. She has already punched our ordets into the computer. I was holding the money ready to pay when she turned her back to advise the kitchen people regarding our orders when this Arianne suddenly took over the computer and deleted what was already entered by the other one and serviced the next customer. So I had to wait for the first cahier to re enter our orders again. I told this Ariaane that it was rude of her to do such, but instead of apologizing, this Arianne just looked at me with a scorned face. My dad and I love BK in the US, and we so often go to this branch which is near our home. BK corporate office, you MUST rethink hiring people like this ARIANNE! Rude and arrogant!
Bastos na cashier
I just ordered whopper burgerhere at SM Dasmarinas. I was talking to the cashier named princess(that is what I saw on her nameplate). I am trying to request for ketchup like I always do pero bigla na lang nag assist si cashier ng next customer kahit kausap nya ko and at di na ko yung sinasabi ko is naputol na lang like duhh?? Im talking kaya. Maiintindihan ko if sobrang dami ng customer pero hindi e kasi kakabukas pa lang ng sm... Tas nung nakita nya na naiirita na ko e sinigawan nya yung isang crew na ketchup daw... Ok lang naman kung sinabihan nya ko na wait lang or something pero kasi ang bastos lang talaga... Sobrang liit na bagay yung pagrequest ko ng ketchup pero ang ayaw ko is yung behavior ng cashier nyo... This is the first time I have been treated like this dito sa store nyo.

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