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Bad Customer Service
My daughter's educational plan cheque for the 1st semester and 2nd semester of 2017-2018 has been delayed for many months now. When I asked the Eternal office in Cebu when will the cheque be released, they don't have any idea and though they make follow-ups, they can only wait for what cheque to come. They only receive just a few cheques in a week and that already includes life plans. They advised to contact the head office which is a hassle since it will be a long distance call. I called several times using my cellphone and most of the time no one picks up. In few cases, I was able to speak to a representative but the one in-charge is not also available and and have to call back again. In two other scenarios, I was put on hold for around 2-3 minutes trying to connect me and then call got disconnected.

This experience is quite frustrating. I thought of sending a letter of complaint to Insurance Commission to give attention to this bad practice. They are only good at collection but not good at providing due service to their plan holders.
Reply by rolan constantino
29 Nov, 2019
I feel ya, fella! do it and i'm right at your back. give me a ring when you need 09179490969

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